CSEM-BMP (CSEM) develops and supports senior business managers, leaders and management teams to meet the climate change, corporate social responsibility, environmental and sustainability agendas.


CSEM’s national-level Associate Course Directors are environmental management, sustainability management practitioners and thought leaders.


Over the programme’s 20 years to date we have received more than 1,500 programme participants and served 800 generally blue-chip organisations. Over 40,000 employees have been reached through hands-on cascade training.


Achieving a sustainable future is the global challenge. It requires the unprecedented – in almost no time at all.


The need for this change is accepted.


Some large, innovative businesses and organisations have already developed strong programmes and strategies.


To meet this challenge there is a need to train, develop and support appropriate leaders. They need to understand and be competent in the necessary principles, practices and skills to manage extraordinary change and breakthrough.

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