Sustainability Leadership Programme (SLP)


Everyone, without exception, wants to be a good, environmentally sound and sustainable human being (particularly if they have children). They just need to have the knowledge and skills to practice...


The SLP provides this and more - for leaders and potential leaders of departments, functions and senior management teams in business.


What returns are there for investment of time and money?

  • Knowledge and skills to influence and guide Senior Management Teams (SMT)
  • Capability for assisting businesses and clients with appropriate advocacy
  • Capability for changing culture and facilitating performance breakthrough
  • Enhanced internal and external subject communications
  • Skills to influence the direction of departments and company
  • Staff better able to support departments and company programmes
  • Skills to respond better to future global and local market opportunities
  • Competence to manage change in a timely way
  • Innovators and motivators, able to enrol individuals and team
  • Skills to improve risk management, systems and processes
  • Sustainability Review and Audit skills
  • Competence to enable better preparedness for legislation and regulation

What are the business outcomes?

  • Improved SMT trust in the decision-processes of staff
  • Greater SMT and stakeholder peace of mind

How does this happen?

  • Building on conventional management theory and practice
  • Modules helping with components of the work
  • Business-orientation of all modules
  • Management-focus (similarly)
  • Policy and decision-orientation
  • Highly informed inputs
  • Practical orientation with input from real, leading practitioners

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