Organisational Training & Development

Executive Management commitment to, and engagement in, the transition to Sustainability is critical for the success of any such effort. CSEM-BMP therefore offers in-house training tailored to the needs of executive management groups and boards in the form of intensive workshops.

In addition, CSEM-BMP is capable and has experience of designing and implementing cascade training for the rest of the organisation, ensuring rapid transition towards genuine sustainability.

CSEM-BMP currently offers three tailored workshops (2-4 days each) for executive management teams. As a series, they enable executive management groups to address Sustainability at the requisite management levels, including policies, strategy, operations and performance management.

  • Business Strategy & Sustainability
  • Sustainability Transformation
  • Operations & Audit for Sustainability

What makes this programme exceptional?

CSEM-BMP offers a unique in-house training programme, a coherent and comprehensive approach to leadership and management of corporate and government organisations that meets the need for a financially successful transition to genuine sustainability.

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