Optional Modules

Participants on the Sustainability Leadership Programme may choose any two from the following list of optional modules:

Globalisation, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development

Examines planning for sustainability within the normal strategy development process of a business in the light of Globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility and their relationship with Sustainable Development.

Leadership for Sustainable Business

Provides models of human behaviour and leadership, develops a model of best practice, uses small groups to identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and provides opportunities to practice required skills while developing an action plan to implement on return to work.

The Market & Marketing for Sustainable Development

Reviews and examines Green Consumers, Green penetration, consumer spending, changes to market norms, and social, environmental, and ethical responses to Sustainable Development, and considers if there is a basis for a green/ Sustainable Development brief for marketing.

Climate Change, Emissions-Trading & Sustainable Development

Examines national & international responses to climate change, emissions trading, potential corporate opportunities & costs, & provides a method to integrate this knowledge into corporate management/leadership at every level.

Life-Cycle Assessment Hands-On

Reviews Life Cycle Assessment, presents a step by step approach consistent with ISO14000 standards, explores how to, and the cost of, extending the methodology for sustainable development and provides practical hands-on experience.

Ecology & Biodiversity

Meets management's need for best current scientific knowledge regarding the 'receiving environment', its vulnerability, and environmental threats from corporate activity, and provides a way through the maze to integrating this knowledge into corporate management/ leadership at every level.

Regulation for Sustainable Development

Reviews the creation and development of environmental law and law related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, shows how the legal system works, examines environmental regulations, illustrates what to look for on site, and suggests how to deal with disclosure and events with legal implications.

Basics of Management

This module enables participants without advanced professional knowledge and understanding organisational and human resource management to gain an advanced overview and appreciation of the immensely valuable body of knowledge available.

Energy Management, Policy & Sustainable Development

Provides an advanced critical appreciation of the technical issues involved in Energy and Energy Management, the meaning and roles of Energy Policy, Energy Manager, Energy Management, and Energy Management Systems, and facilitates advanced professional work on developing a path to sustainability for corporate energy use.

Disaster Management & Preparedness

Explores the concepts of Disaster Management and Preparedness, including Risk Management. The module facilitates advanced professional work on implementing, or improving, Disaster Management and Preparedness as a core component of the environmental, financial and social sustainability of any organisation.

Principles of Oil & Gas Exploration & Sustainable Development

Provides an appreciation of the oil and gas exploration process. It clarifies the meaning of specialized exploration terminology and outlines a path to sustainability for the exploration industry.

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