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Members of both the core and faculty are selected on the basis that they are already successful pioneering managers, advisors or academics in their field. They need to have the commitment, knowledge, professional reputation and personal skills in Environmental and Sustainable management development to be fully credible and attractive to delegates and clients. In particular, what makes them credible to clients, is their generally strong record of achievement in corporate business, government or consultancy.

Name Biography
Prof. Ross King

Prof. Ross King is a Co-Founder and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Environmental Management. He has jointly led the first and largest Programme of Environmental Management training in the UK. He originated on-site Environmental and EMS Auditors' training in Europe in early 1992 and has worked with over 1000 managers and consultants during this period. He has focussed since the early '90s within environmental management on audit, management systems, accounting, market research and marketing. Former Environmental Analyst and Adviser for Lucas.

Robert Allen-Turl

Robert Allen-Turl is the Director of a sustainability consultancy. He is a registered consultant with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). He served on the working party that developed the SIGMA management system for BSI and is one of the authors of the CSR Framework developed for the EFQM. He was previously the first global Director of Corporate Sustainability at TNT. He worked with the public sector on improving social and environmental impacts in partnership with the Cabinet Office. He has worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has been a speaker at numerous international conferences over the last decade.

Malcolm Forster

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Dr Peter Bunyard

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Dr Christine Hemming

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Tim Helweg-Larsen

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Ian Parker

Ian Parker is the former Head of the State of Missouri Trade & Investment Office in Europe.Full biog coming soon.

Dr. Jules Goddard

Dr. Jules Goddard is an Hon. Founding Fellow of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is an independent teacher, writer, and consultant in the areas of creativity, strategic innovation, and business transformation. Jules also holds the posts of visiting fellow and guest lecturer at other business schools. Previous appointments include Gresham professor of commerce and Mercers School Memorial professor at the City University, and visiting professor of marketing at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees in Paris. Goddard has published various articles on corporate strategy in leading European strategy and consultancy magazines.

Christopher Sheldon

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Prof. Timothy O’Riordan

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Dr Ian Thompson

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Jack Fallow

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Prof. James Algie

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Company Speakers

We invite speakers from industry and government to speak on some of our modules. These speakers may vary each time a module is run, and will normally be announced 12 weeks in advance.

Prof. Frank Worsford

Prof. Frank Worsford is a Senior Transport Research Fellow with the Transport Studies Group at the University of Westminster, where much of his research is done as a working partner and adviser with senior company management teams. He is currently acting as adviser on a number of multi-million logistics and distribution projects. He is a prolific author on transport and environmental issues, with over 200 publications including the Financial Times Management Report on The European Road Freight Industries - meeting the environmental challenge (1995), Freight Transport and the Environment (1996) and Intermodal Freight Villages in the New Millennium (forthcoming).

Robert Weston, MSc

Robert Weston, MSc is a Management Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator of culture change in the field of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. He is co-founder of Social Innovation Ltd, a Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy. Previously he founded Groundswell, an environmental marketing and communications consultancy.

Adrian Warn, MSc

Adrian Warn, MSc is an Associate Course Consultant of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is an environmental consultant in the fields of training, audit and implementation of Environmental Management Systems. Adrian is currently acting as adviser to civil engineering and construction companies. He is the founder of an environmental training consultancy and is a co-founder of a Corporate Total Waste Treatment Solutions Company. He has an interest in sustainable construction and design issues since the mid 1990's, and practical experience of working in manufacturing, bioremediation and construction projects. Adrian also has project management experience, and was a lecturer at Birkbeck College, London in Ecology & Conservation.

Jeanne Steward, MSc

Jeanne Steward, MSc (Social Research Methods) is an Assoc. Joint Course Director of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. She is Managing Director of a full service research organization, which she established in 1991, that works with a number of long-term blue chip international and national clients. Previously Jeanne coordinated consumer, business-to-business and organizational research with QED Research Limited. She is professionally interested in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and what they can offer to social and organizational diagnosis and the redevelopment of organizations in relation to sustainability. Jeanne is a Full Member of Market Research Society, Member of the Marketing Society and the Association for Qualitative Research.

Dr. Stuart Stearn

Dr. Stuart Stearn is a Senior Assoc. Course Contributor of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is retired and has a PhD in Noise and Vibration. He worked in the nuclear industry before joining the Civil Service in 1974, moving to the Radiochemical Inspectorate in 1980, after working on a variety of policy issues. He stayed on as the Inspectorate become HMIP, taking charge of the NW Regional Office in Lancaster in 1989. When the Inspectorate became part of the Environment Agency he spent some time on the problems caused by BSE before focusing on the issues raised by implementing IPPC in the UK.

James Smith

James Smith is a Senior Assoc. Joint Course Director of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is passionate about discovering what a sustainable future will look like. He advises organisations about their future sustainability and seeks to do so by bringing in a futuristic perspective. James is actively researching the emerging wave of world change and what this means for organisations. He specialises in the development of leaders and the evolution of organisations that will be sustainable in the future. He is an experienced facilitator of processes leading to greater perception and understanding of issues and challenges within organisations.

Emma Pye

Emma Pye is an Associate Course Contributor of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. She is also an Environmental Manager for a Trunk Road management company and an associate member of IEMA. Within Amey she is responsible for the Bedfordshire Highways Commission. Experience in developing and maintaining Environmental Management Systems (EMS) includes roll-out of Mouchel & Mouchel Parkman (also a highways infrastructure provider) corporate EMS across UK offices. Emma earlier worked with Mouchel Parkman as Group Environmental Assistant, Mouchel as a Design Engineer, and with Glaxo SmithKline on their Research and Development Sites. She has an Environmental Management for Business Masters from Hertfordshire University and an interest in developing a recognized approach to EMS Management Review.

George Marshal, BSc

George Marshal, BSc is Associate Course Contributor of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is also Executive Director of a climate change educational organisation. During eighteen years as an environmental and indigenous rights campaigner he has worked at all levels of the green movement. He was a director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia & worked for many years for the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Papua New Guinea. He has worked as a senior campaigner for Greenpeace & the Rainforest Foundation and as a consultant for the German amp; Papua New Guinean governments. George has spoken and written widely on climate change issues & sustainable lifestyles & has won awards for his video documentaries. He is currently researching a book on the psychology of climate change.

Goodspeed Kopolo, MSc (Ind. Eng.) MSc (Env. Mgt.)

Goodspeed Kopolo, MSc (Ind. Eng.) MSc (Env. Mgt.) is a Founding Fellow of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is also a Sustainable Development consultant, specialised in climate change and climate change mitigation issues with a UN agency. Previously Goodspeed was Senior Programme Officer at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat, where he was responsible for emissions trading issues at the policy level, as well as being involved in servicing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) . 18 years of experience in managing international technology transfer programmes, gained through the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Dr. Mike Hunter

Dr. Mike Hunter is an Hon. Senior Fellow of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is Health, Safety, Environmental & Security (HSES) Adviser International with an oil exploration company. He was previously a Principal Environmental Scientist and head of the Environmental Management Group at the London office of Dames and Moore International. He has skills in management of personnel, business development, budget and contract administration, and a variety of hard and soft technical skills. His specialist management experience includes knowledge of a number of techniques including "breakthrough" techniques and "crisis" management. He has vast audit expertise, having managed a wide variety of audit projects for industrial and commercial clients in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Robert Holmes, CEnv EurGeol

Dr. Robert Holmes, CEnv EurGeol is Senior Assoc. Joint Course Director of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is an environmental specialist with an academic background to doctorate level in geology and geochemistry. He is a Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered and European Geologist and a Principal Environmental Auditor. He worked in the waste management industry for 11 years from 1975 managing Cleanaway Limited's environmental team. He then worked for 15 years from 1985 to the end of 1998 in senior positions in the environmental consultancies Dames & Moore (now URS Corporation), Aspinwall & Company (now Enviros), Environmental Strategies (acquired by the Arcadis Group in 1995) and Geraghty & Miller International (Arcadis Group).

Edwin Datschefski

Edwin Datschefski is a Senior Associate Fellow of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He specialises in the development and promotion of sustainable product design concepts, founded an eco design consultancy, is a consultant & trainer to many leading business & public organisations, writs on sustainability, and is former director of Business and the Environment.

Lucy Candlin

Lucy Candlin is a Director of Future Perfect Ltd and previously worked with KPMG, Enviros and Aspinwall & Company. Over the last twenty years, she has worked with NGOs, SME and multi-national companies in a wide range of sectors to design, develop and audit systems and processes for the management of environmental and sustainability performance. More recently this work has evolved into a focused approach to assurance, both internal and external to companies, in particular in relation to non-financial performance reporting and high level assurance of greenhouse gas emissions. Lucy has a Masters in 'Landscape Ecology, Design and Maintenance' from Imperial College at Wye, is a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, a Chartered Environmentalist, an IEMA Membership and Chartered Environmentalist Peer Assessor, and a Registered Principal Auditor.

Dr. David Brown

Dr. David Brown is a Senior Assoc. Course Director of the College of Sustainability and Environmental Management. He is former Environmental Policy Adviser to National Power and their expert on Environmental Effects Evaluation (EEE) . He has recently advised the DETR (now DEFRA) on best practice for EEE and is a respected national expert in this area.

Tom Bramley

Tom Bramley is Sustainability Consultant for Coventry City Council, advising and supporting the development of 'Business Sustain' (formerly 'Greening Industry'), a partnership body between Coventry Council, Jaguar and Land Rover to assist Automotive suppliers respond practically to the environmental and sustainable development agendas. Formerly Environmental Purchase Champion for Jaguar and Land Rover and an active member of the Jaguar/Land Rover Environmental Forum and Ford Purchasing Global Environmental Council, Tom has over 30 years experience in purchasing and supply chain management. He is a member of the Environmental Management Systems Technical Advisory Committee (EMSTAC) of  UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services) and has internationally leading experience in relation to the greening of purchasing and supply chains.

Alison Bond

Alison Bond is hugely experienced in research with nearly twenty years' experience. She has a hands on approach and has worked successfully with many top organisations, encouraging them to completely rethink the way they interact with customers. Alison is a director of a market research company she started eleven years ago. She is also a director of a new business specialising in transforming companies and organisations. Alison is the author of textbooks on direct marketing and market research. All of her books are written with Prof. Merlin Stone.

Dr. Martin Bennett

Dr. Martin Bennett is a senior lecturer/researcher and head of the Centre for Environmental Accounting at Wolverhampton Business School. He has focussed over the last four years on environmental performance measurement, bench-marking and reporting, their relationship to conventional management accounting - and the requisite developments of theory and practice. He works closely with Peter James.

Dr. Michael Baker

Dr. Michael Baker is Joint Programme Director of the Centre for Sustainable Environmental Management. He has had an interest in energy, environmental and transport issues since the mid 1970's, and practical experience of renewable energy and sustainable construction and agriculture since the mid 1980's. Dr Baker also has extensive project management experience, and was a member of the Open University's Energy Research Group.

Faculty & Staff

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