CSEM-BMP - Towards an extraordinary possibility

No corporate organisations can yet claim to have realised real ecological sustainability. But...

What if the sustainability and environmental managers and leaders of our concentrated global industries had the knowledge and leadership capability to demonstrate the possibility of real sustainability to their management and shareholders - and their organisations led the world into a new future, beyond the environmental and climate change crisis? 

In the last three years or so, it has become clear that pioneers of sustainability management can now convey what is necessary for a single organisation to achieve, in principle, real sustainability. In relation to our future, there is new an extraordinary possibility. 

CSEM has pioneered the thinking and training that has led to this possibility - and can now provide all the training and management development necessary for the largest organisations. Now it is up to us!

Welcome to those who have had no previous contact - we hope you find here what you are looking for!

A particular welcome back to those who knew us as the Brunel Management Programme, the Brunel Environmental Management Programme and Centre - and those who have had links with Brunel before - we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Whatever your current role or business function, if you have some responsibility for sustainability, climate change, environmental management, corporate responsibility or governance, please read on...

CSEM-BMP provides open intensive training and management/ leadership development to help you meet your current needs - easily and effortlessly. The programme can also help you and your your busines meet your development needs.

How does this work?

Our Sustainability Leadership Programme provides a coherent integrated programme of four-day seminars and workshops to help develop sustainability-focused management and leadership and achieve an outstanding programme of results.

Our Seminar Training provides the above seminars which are designed to help you meet current business challenges, e.g. EU regulations such as REACH or a programme for carbon management.

We are happy to receive management and management policy Research commissions, particularly if the interest is in a collaborative management research mode (working alongside the holder of a problem they want solved).

CSEM-BMP's approximately one hundred Associate contributors being corporate sustainability pioneers and advisors will generally be interested in pioneering and break-through consultancies. For a small proportion of our earlier work, please see Sustainability Advisory Services.

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