Teaching & Assessment

The programme is modular, generally made up of four-day intensive seminars. Each seminar or workshop has pre-reading and participants are expected to attend on each day of the module they are taking.

Most modules take the format of presentations with discussion, interspersed with ‘workshop’ sessions in small groups, applying the module material to a task. CSEM supports participants with a wide variety of teaching and learning methods.

Participants wishing to complete the Sustainability Leadership Programme, or gain the Masters qualification, must complete an assignment for each module. The assignment applies learning to an actual organisation or case or that is more theoretical and conventional. The participant will bring the results to a group or individual tutorial and may provide an oral presentation, then revise the assignment before assessment. She/he may have the possibility of producing one or more drafts and obtaining feedback. The assessment cycle is usually four weeks to six weeks.

There is currently one on-site module, C4 ‘Audit & Operations for Sustainable Development’ which is a hands-on review of a suitable organisation and site. Here, assessment is based on an essay or a combination of a paper and observation of professional skills on site. Where and when possible, other modules, for example, C5 ‘Waste, Emissions & Land’, and C1 ‘Strategy’ may be run on real sites.

Assessment Results

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