Systems & Reporting for Sustainable Management (C3)

The Systems & Reporting for Sustainable Management seminar reviews environmental management systems and other management support systems, ecological & business risks & integrated sustainable management, exposes the inefficiency in separation of management support systems, & examines how to extend processes for ecologically & socially sustainable development.


This seminar will enable you to:

  • Describe the potential role and contribution of conventional business systems, environmental management systems, audit and sustainable management systems in corporate environmental and social management and sustainable business.
  • Identify the contribution of environmental management systems, sustainable management approaches, new thinking in accountancy and reporting to developing successful systems support for movement towards ecologically sustainable business, identifying a universal and efficient process for the transition.
  • Facilitate the initiation and development of such systems.
  • Explore, understand and facilitate realization of systems for integrated sustainable management - and the possibilities for whole-systems optimization in facilitating ease and stakeholder pleasure in shifting towards sustainable business.

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