Sustainable Life-Cycle Management (C6)

The Sustainable Life-Cycle Management (C6) seminar reviews the life cycle of industrial products including current product & packaging design & development, purchasing, logistics & transport practice, factors that determine it, the environmental & social impacts they cause, & finds sustainable alternatives.


  • Develop a comprehensive appreciation of the business functions responsible for the total life-cycle of products pre- and post- manufacture, that is a) design, development and packaging, b) purchasing and supply chain management, c) transport and logistics; their current practices and processes and the factors determining them, including staff background, education, attitudes, values, culture and job pressures - and the environmental and social impacts occasioned by these practices.
  • Develop comprehensive and systematic knowledge and understanding of the potential nature, scale, relative importance, and methods / protocols for measuring, the environmental and social aspects and impacts arising during total product or service life cycle, both generally and for a specific product-system.
  • Describe, appreciate and be able to communicate the main approaches and latest theoretical and practical developments in a) finding sustainable alternatives for damaging aspects of the life-cycle and b) managing the design of processes to move towards environmentally and socially sustainable activity.
  • Understand, justify, communicate and secure solid support for initiating integrated management, technical, process and systems changes & programmes in these areas aimed at achieving significant movement towards environmental and social sustainability, at every level.

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