Sustainable Company Programme

The Sustainable Company Programme (SCP) sets out to answer the question:

How can individual businesses plan to become ecologically sustainable?

This is a more demanding approach than the more common "continuous improvement" policy that does not ask how far the improvements measure up to the actual challenge of sustainability. To answer the question CSEM is developing collaborative projects with individual organisations operating in different business sectors.


As in all collaborative research the actual methods employed are agreed between the partners, but in these discussions the CSEM team emphasises the need to assess:

  • the sustainable and unsustainable aspects of the business,
  • how to move to a fully sustainable business,
  • strategic opportunities, such as innovation, resource savings and market leadership,
  • the obstacles in the way,
  • the synergy to be gained from integrated social, economic and environmental development.


CSEM's main development objective is to create practical tools for companies to design a path towards environmental sustainability in the context of Sustainable Development, based on the experience of the collaborative projects. At the same time, the teams will offer collaborating companies their assistance in achieving their own development objectives.

Associated Staff

We have gathered an outstanding expert group of researchers and consultants to work on SCP, who are also Associates of CSEM and/or the Sustainable Development Network (SDN) . Between them they cover a very broad range of senior corporate business and environmental experience, both strategic and operational.

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