Sustainability Leadership Programme FAQ

Is the Programme academic?

Yes and no. Yes - it is rigorous, demanding and designed to give up to date information from the relevant areas of knowledge and an academic qualification. No - it is not purely 'theoretical' but draws on the experience of many of the leading experts in the field and includes comprehensive practical application at all levels.

Is the Programme full-time?

The course is part-time and is composed of a series of taught short course modules, supplemented by supported self-study and project work. Participants then produce a dissertation based on a more substantial research project. Most participants complete the Programme in two years.

Do I need a science background?

Not necessarily, we offer three one-week foundation courses in Environmental Science, Management, and Regulation for participants without the necessary prior knowledge in these areas. The course itself comprises seven core modules, two optional modules selected from a range of specialist topics, and the dissertation.

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