CSEM currently provides a number of courses on Strategy and strategic subjects for the Sustainable Business. These seminars have been develped and designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. They can be taken individually or as part of our Sustainability Leadership Programme.  Briefly the seminars cover:

Business Strategy for Sustainable Development (C1)

Shows how sustainability can be applied to the business strategy development process in light of conventional business strategy, sustainability, sustainable development, & a method for planning the process of becoming sustainable.

Review of Conventional Approaches to Business Strategy (C1.1)

Reviews corporate strategy to provide an effective starting point for a strategy for sustainable development and opens a discussion about a relationship between business strategy and sustainable development.

A New Look at Environmental & Sustainability Policy (C1.2)

Helps you review your (possibly now tired) environmental policy and formulate Corporate Social Responsibility and integrated sustainable management policies through a systematic, repeatable, step-by-step process.

Green & Sustainability Opportunities for Business (C1.3)

Justifies building an integrated strategy for sustainable development in light of corprate governance, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and potential opportunities in the agenda for integrated sustainable development.

Developing the Sustainable Business (C1.4)

Helps you through the strategic processes of developing a sustainable business and opens the possibilities for integrating econimic, business systems, social and environmental sustainability.

Globalisation, Corporate Social Responsibility & SD (O1)

Examines planning for sustainability within the normal strategy development process of a buiness in the light of Globalisation, Corporate Social Responsibility and their relationship with Sustainable Development.

Integration in Sustainability Management (C7)

Examines and cost justifies action to embed integration within a business in light of external facets of the business environment, similarities between business functions and current knowledge and research.

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