Waste, Emissions, Land and Sustainable Development (C5)

The Waste, Emissions, Land and Sustainable Development (C5) seminar looks at waste and air/ water emissions, land management and issues arising, provides an approach to assessing these issues, and presents a pathway from environmental management to ecologically and socially sustainable development.


  • Develop significant knowledge, understanding and initial competence in the basic work of environmental management, covering environmental, regulatory compliance, technical and management issues related to: storage and handling, waste, emissions and land management including: penalties, good practices, hazardous waste management and treatment, transport and disposal of waste - and assurance.
  • Achieve a working appreciation of the fundamentals of systematic environmental management, including inspection, the principles of pollution control, aspects, source-pathway-receptor, the waste hierarchy, aspects evaluation, material efficiency, energy management and organizing and managing a comprehensive multi-project strategy.
  • Develop an initial working knowledge and understanding of possibilities and approaches for moving from environmental improvement to ecologically and socially sustainable management of waste, emissions and land, including a) design and reframing b) action on waste hierarchy and material efficiency c) closed loop d) bio-mimicry, e) whole system optimization f) applying Natural Step criteria pragmatically and in a system for sustainable management and g) site demonstration.
  • Justify, secure support and facilitate a project for such a comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step operational approach for a specific business organization over the medium to long term.


The seminar assembles at 08:30 am for a 9:00 am start each day and finishes at approximately 5:30 pm. The seminar is intensive, please be prepared for evening sessions.


£2,000 per person. Fees includes all tuition costs, full documentation, lunch and refreshments. Full payment is required in advance.

Inhouse Training 

We are very happy to run this as an inhouse training seminar. Please contact us for further details.


Three weeks before start date. Fees are payable in full unless cancellations are received in writing before this date. Transfers are possible and will incur a 25% fee per change.

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