Systems for Sustainability Management (C3)

The Systems for Sustainability Management (C3) seminar reviews environmental management systems and other management support systems, ecological & business risks & integrated sustainable management, exposes the inefficiency in separation of management support systems, & examines how to extend processes for ecologically & socially sustainable development.


This seminar will enable you to:

  • Describe the potential role and contribution of conventional business systems, environmental management systems, audit and sustainable management systems in corporate environmental and social management and sustainable business.
  • Identify the contribution of environmental management systems, sustainable management approaches, new thinking in accountancy and reporting to developing successful systems support for movement towards ecologically sustainable business, identifying a universal and efficient process for the transition.
  • Facilitate the initiation and development of such systems.
  • Explore, understand and facilitate realization of systems for integrated sustainable management - and the possibilities for whole-systems optimization in facilitating ease and stakeholder pleasure in shifting towards sustainable business.


The seminar assembles at 08:30 am for a 9:00 am start each day and finishes at approximately 5:30 pm. The seminar is intensive, please be prepared for evening sessions.


£2,000 per person. Fees includes all tuition costs, full documentation, lunch and refreshments. Full payment is required in advance.

Inhouse Training 

We are very happy to run this as an inhouse training seminar. Please contact us for further details.


Three weeks before start date. Fees are payable in full unless cancellations are received in writing before this date. Transfers are possible and will incur a 25% fee per change.

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