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Sustainability Analysis

How sustainable is your organisation? What opportunities and threats are presented by the sustainability agenda adopted by government and society? How will markets be in 5 or 10 years time? What are the priorities for change?

Strategy and Policy Development

What kind of organisation do you want to be? What products and services will you be supplying in 5 or 10 years time? What processes will you be using?
Where will you be positioned?

Change Management

Organisations and people are naturally reluctant to abandon the attitudes, processes and techniques that made them successful. But to remain successful in a changing world, they must change. We can assist you to design, implement and consolidate effective organisational, technical, cultural and personal change. Change that goes beyond steady improvement to achieve a genuine breakthrough to a new level of sustainable performance.

Developing your own SD Training and Cascade Programmes

Are your in-house training programmes delivering the improvements you imagine possible? Are your people as informed, broad and motivated as you hope? Are current training programmes seemingly costly and repetitive? Do present training programmes achieve culture change? Do they improve system performance? All this and more is possible and we provide approaches, tools and designs that delight.

Management Systems

The last decade has seen the development of Environmental Management System standards like EMAS and ISO 14001 and the widespread adoption of these systems by leading companies. The next ten years will see them spread to most businesses and service providers and their extension to cover all aspects of sustainability. However, such systems may be bureaucratic and time consuming to little real benefit. We specialise in the development of effective and efficient management systems tailored to the precise needs of our clients - systems that leverage environmental and economic advantage.


Technical and compliance audit are extremely well done by the global environmental consultancies - they contribute to our learning programmes.

  • Are your audit programmes giving you the breadth and depth you need?
  • Are they bureaucratic, time consuming and repetitive?
  • Do they motivate and lead to the kinds of changes you imagine should be possible?

We can open the door to audit and review that fulfils the promise.

Performance Measurement and Reporting

"If you can't measure it you can't manage it!" What do you need to know to manage your environmental effects efficiently and demonstrate real improvement? How can you explain your results, including the disappointments, to a suspicious public in a way that increases trust and support?

Environmental Management and Financial Accounting

If you cant count it somewhere in the corporate figures, it doesn't exist. Do you put numbers on your environmental effects, programmes and measures to your present satisfaction? Do your management and financial accountants source and provide the requisite management information? We have processes and techniques that enable you to include the information you want and strengthen your organisation's core management processes.

Stakeholder Dialogue

The public increasingly expect to be involved in decisions that affect them. We have techniques that enable you to consult and involve, without losing control. They can make a key difference when it comes to maintaining your "license to operate" or to securing support for future expansion plans.

Leadership Development and Personal Coaching

In this as in other areas, progress depends on the quality of leadership available. We help clients improve their skills and provide ongoing support for individual development.

Design for the Environment/Sustainability

Do your design and development engineers really understand the impact that their decisions have on the environment? We can educate your engineers and ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into your design procedures.

Emissions Trading

Voluntary and mandatory schemes emerging in the US, Scandinavia, Europe and around the world, create new corporate opportunities to cut costs and gain further value by selling notional gains beyond those required in a particular year. The actual results from US experience can be very significant - and potential gains are highly motivating. There is a wealth of research and development from the last decade, providing knowledge, tools and techniques to help you every step of the way. We have the expertise you may need now.

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