Integration in Sustainability Management (C7)

The Integration in Sustainability Management (C7) seminar examines and cost justifies action to embed integration within a business in light of external facets of the business environment, similarities between business functions and current knowledge and research.


  • Develop wide and deep knowledge and understanding of the potential role and contribution of an integrated approach to sustainable and environmental management to movement to financially, socially and environmentally sustainable business and be able to communicate possibilities and opportunities.
  • Understand current knowledge and research on the various potential aspects for integration including amongst others: the various aspects of the external environments for future business; functional responses to sustainability, e.g. policy and design processes; core management and other systems, particularly environmental and new social systems; various levels' responses; TQM, Excellence, EQFM and other business models; executive and HR psychological integration and sustainability.
  • Devise and present board-level strategic papers covering justification for comprehensive programmatic movement towards integration, manage profitably and encode this approach in the organisations' core values.
  • Secure support for such programmes by drawing on all levels and functions for inputs, jointly identifying strategic advantage and resistance issues and solutions, establishing a whole systems optimisation approach to business, social and environmental progress and effective articulation of the case and its value.

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