Environmental Audit: Hands-On (C4)

'Environmental Audit: Hands-On' is a hands-on, on-site, week-long intensive on environmental audit, EMS (Environmental Management Systems) implementation - and a lot more.

It provides a universal step-by-step review/audit process that covers aspects evaluation, understanding site environmental risks - and setting priorities logically. 

The process reveals ecological, social and business risks & opportunities - and smart steps to environmental and social improvement & towards really sustainable business.

Our flagship course for many years, run over 50 times, participants emerge with new capabilities and confidence.


The Environmental Audit: Hands-On seminar includes:

  • Step-by-step Environmental Review/ Audit of a real site, in real time, for a real client
  • Highly practical hands-on environmental audit training 'that lives up to its name' (EARA audit)
  • Universal Audit/ Review Road-Map
  • Tutorial Guidance by highly experienced environmental Audit trainer(s)
  • Coverage of air & water, waste, land, energy, site setting, client EMS v. ISO14000 and Certification requirements.
  • Updates on ISO14001
  • Overview & updates on permits, consents, law and liability
  • Universal Risk Assessment and action-planning methodology
  • Environmental Review/Audit/ EMS Implementation Road-Map
  • Experience of close supplier-customer relationships
  • Specification for Aspects Evaluation
  • Core module for CSEM MA/MSc, Diploma or Certificate
  • Universal Environmental Audit Review Report template
  • Certification Criteria & guidance

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