Energy Management, Policy & Sustainable Development (O9)

The Energy Management, Policy & Sustainable Development module provides an advanced critical appreciation of the technical issues involved in Energy and Energy Management. It elucidates the meaning and roles of Energy Policy, Energy Manager, Energy Management, and Energy Management Systems, and facilitates advanced professional work on developing a path to sustainability for corporate energy use. Additionally, it researches how sustainability is and can be incorporated into corporate energy policy. On completion of this module the successful participant will have mastery of the complexities and specialized areas of knowledge involved.


Successful participants will be able to demonstrate:

  • A practical but critical mastery of the context for Energy Management, Policy & SD: Global, Regional and Local markets and policies for non-renewable and renewable energy;

  • A professional appreciation of the technical issues and details;

  • An advanced professional approach to specifying energy requirements for new projects and upgrades to existing facilities; and

  • An advanced critical understanding of global warming, carbon trading and the clean development mechanism (CDM).

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