Ecology & Biodiversity / Environmental Science Foundation (O6/ESF)

The Ecology & Biodiversity / Environmental Science Foundation seminar meets management's need for best current scientific knowledge regarding the 'receiving environment', its vulnerability, and environmental threats from corporate activity, and provides a way through the maze to integrating this knowledge into corporate management/ leadership at every level. It also provides the foundation knowledge of environmental science required by students undertaking the MA/MSc in Integrated Sustainable Management for Business.


This seminar will provide you with:

  • the best available science related to both the 'receiving environment', in terms of ecology, biodiversity, vulnerability and principles of damage control, and to the major environmental issues produced by corporate organization
  • this information brought down to the level of the enterprise, allowing you to make the links, see how you make a difference, and the ability to explain it to other stakeholders
  • the ability to effect a paradigm shift from disempowerment, in the face of environmental damage, to acceptance, possibility and rational action.

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