The Dissertation is taken over two modules; Professional Research Methods (PRM) and Independent Research Project (IRP).The PRM seminar provides knowledge and understanding of professional and research approaches, methods, methodologies and skills appropriate to the professional role, and fosters sufficient knowledge, understanding and skills to start a dissertation.The aim of the IRP is to provide an opportunity to undertake an original research project in an area rich in unresolved problems, and to contribute to the development of new knowledge of the management implications of Sustainable Development.

Participants develop the ability to research and analyze new and emerging issues of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development in an organizational and management context in such a way as to develop new knowledge and act more successfully for your organization and clients.

Professional skills are developed as participants are enabled to tackle such issues rigorously, pragmatically and effectively in future leadership, managerial or advisory roles. Additionally, the IRP develops experience and confidence with publishing.

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