Core Modules

Participants on the Sustainability Leadership Programme take seven core modules which together cover a wide range of topics key to sustainability management for business. They are:

Business Strategy for Sustainable Development

Shows how sustainability can be applied to the business strategy development process in light of conventional business strategy, sustainability, sustainable development, & a method for planning the process of becoming sustainable.

People Management & Leadership for Sustainable Development

Reviews HRM or People Management in relation to Sustainable Development, and building social sustainability, introduces associated awareness education, change management, culture change, and leadership programmes, and explores change agent skills.

Systems for Sustainable Management

Reviews environmental management systems and other management support systems, ecological & business risks & integrated sustainable management, exposes the inefficiency in separation of management support systems, & examines how to extend processes for ecologically & socially sustainable development.

Operations and Audit for Sustainable Development

Is a hands-on introduction to environmental audit. Includes universal review/audit and aspects evaluation processes to reveal ecological, social and business risks & economically advantageous steps to environmental and social improvement & sustainable business. Our flagship course for some years, run approximately 50 times, participants emerge with new capabilities and confidence.

Waste, Emissions, Land and Sustainable Development

Looks at waste and air/ water emissions, land management and issues arising, provides an approach to assessing these issues, and presents a pathway from environmental management to ecologically and socially sustainable development.

Sustainable Life-Cycle Management

Reviews the life cycle of industrial products including current product & packaging design & development, purchasing, logistics & transport practice, factors that determine it, the environmental & social impacts they cause, & finds sustainable alternatives.

Integration in Sustainable Management

Examines and cost justifies action to embed integration within a business in light of external facets of the business environment, similarities between business functions and current knowledge and research.

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