Sustainability Advisory Services (SAS) is the consultancy services arm of the Centre. It has a small staff of senior consultants with wide experience of environmental management, sustainable management, sustainable development and organisational development in international industry, commerce and government. CSEM SAS also accesses and represents over eighty of the Centre's learning Programme Associates and contributors.

We maintain and develop this resource as a national network of associate consultants each of whom is a nationally recognised expert in his or her own field. Together we provide expertise in all aspects of developing sustainable organisations and have over a thousand years of relevant senior experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society by meeting client needs and facilitating advantageous change in individual enterprises and organisations.

We assist commercial and public sector organisations to achieve long-term success by facilitating management of their activities, products and services that will allow them to be:

  • increasingly environmentally benign
  • of benefit to the societies in which they operate
  • economically viable.

Our Approach

We recognise that all organisations are different. The opportunities and problems facing each are unique, given their situation and history. We treat each client thus as a respected individual. Our normal approach is to work collaboratively with businesses to help them analyse their own unique position, decide how they can transform themselves and develop a plan to make it happen. We provide well-proven diagnostic and change management tools plus wide experience of tackling these issues in other organisations.

This approach has many practical benefits:

  • Custom-made solutions are based on the real situation, are practical and are fully owned and
  • supported by those who have to implement them
  • The information and learning generated remain within the organisation
  • Corporate staff develop the skills and understanding necessary to maintain the change and facilitate further improvement.

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