Climate Change, Emissions-Trading & Sustainability (O4)

The module is designed to meet corporate management's need for briefing on the requirements of Emissions Trading, due for launch in 2010 by the UNFCCC United Nations Convention on Climate Change, under the Kyoto Protocol. It covers the essentials of man-made Climate Change, the workings of the UNFCCC and Emissions Trading. It examines the UK, European and US responses, the potential corporate costs and opportunities - and provides a framework to assess the implications for a specific organization and develop a strategy to integrate this knowledge into corporate management/leadership at every level.


Participants should be able to provide an advanced professional:

  • Appreciation of the considerable depth of background science and global collaboration behind the global regime for carbon reduction and the potential scientific concerns for the future.
  • Capability to critically review and communicate the science, the IPCC scenarios for global warming, green-house gas reduction and carbon management
  • Assessment of the implications for a case or an actual organization
  • Capability to facilitate the adoption of a suitable sustainable business strategy in relation to climate change

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