Comprehensive Seminar Programme - breadth and depth

Leading-edge, participative, enlightening spaces for coming to grips with rapidly-evolving developments - and organizing effective corporate response, area-by-area, level-by level. We consistently receive feed-back about the breadth, depth and motivation provided.

Unique experience/ training capability

Running the first senior programme of sustainable management training in Europe has given us twelve years' experience and training capability with an international team of practitioners. Unique track record of sustainable management development innovation and pioneering.

Financial and Competitive advantage

Provides the potential to add millions of dollars to the bottom-line of a substantial organization, and provides and positioning for significant competitive advantage. Cohesion Coordination, integration, cohesion, demystification, culture change and energy.

A Balanced Professional Training

The Programme gives (the often already well-qualified) a means to doing the job better and faster, while gaining a balanced professional training for the future. On completion, participants should be able to lead, guide and manage their organization's approach at all levels.

Full Strategic Capability

Facilitates full corporate recognition of sustainability as a new necessary dimension of business, and the development of new strategic capability, human and organizational.

Learning at Work - and flexibility

Allows learning in service, with the few days away focused on doing the job better, in a vital, supportive space, rich with transferable capability and skills. While we suggest you work in a small action-learning group, you may use modules over several years, as you need them.

Organization-oriented Assignments

We design assignments and the research project to produce the equivalent of a year of Board-level consultancy of international standard - worth approximately £100,000.

Growing Expertise/ Problem Solving

Provides your business with a means of developing internal expertise, while solving current problems. We will seek to match businesses/ sponsors with high potential candidates.


Participants meet 30-35 leading contributors, and join an alumnus group of 1500 and growing.

Entry to Professional Membership

Two core modules provide access to the points needed for entry to the Institute for Environmental Management & Assessment and access to its Register of auditors.

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