Audit & Management Systems

CSEM provides a number of seminars on Auditing, Sustainable Management Systems and Life Cycle Assessment. These seminars have been developed and designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. They can be taken individually or as part of our MA/MSc in Integrated Sustainable Management for Business. Briefly the seminars cover:

Environmental Audit: Hands-On (C4a)

Is a hands-on introduction to environmental audit. Includes universal review/audit and aspects evaluation processes to reveal ecological, social and business risks & economically advantageous steps to environmental and social improvement & sustainable business. Our flagship course for some years, run approximately 50 times, participants emerge with new capabilities and confidence.

Sustainability Audit for Internal Auditors (C4c)

Introduces methodology for environmental audit for Internal Auditors and their units - and also for those who need to prepare for professional internal audit. Chosen at one point, for example, to train the whole of the Heinz global audit team.

Systems for Sustainability Management (C3)

Reviews environmental management systems and other management support systems, ecological & business risks & integrated sustainable management, exposes the inefficiency in separation of management support systems, & examines how to extend processes for ecologically & socially sustainable development.

Sustainability Management Systems & Audit (C3.1)

Describes the potential role, & facilitates the development, of environmental management systems and systems for conventional business, audit, & sustainable management in corporate environmental, sustainable & social management.

Sustainability Accounting and Reporting (C3.2)

Offers guidance on integrating environmental management systems with the accounting function thereby improving overall company performance and reducing risk.

Life-Cycle-Assessment Hands-On (O5)

Reviews Life Cycle Assessment, presents a step by step approach consistent with ISO14000 standards, explores how to, and the cost of, extending the methodology for sustainable development and provides practical hands-on experience.

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