Sustainability, environmental management and climate change are increasingly central to organizational strategy and operations. They affect organizations’ risk profile, business value and strategic opportunities. CSEM-BMP is a thought leader on these issues.

With individual and organizational clients across a range of industry sectors, CSEM has the capability to provide management education and development (and services) to assist them in understanding and responding to present and future environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.

Potential benefits resulting from an effective sustainability strategy may include:

  • Security in relation to statutory compliance and reporting requirements
  • Improving management of risks and opportunities
  • Maintaining the confidence of investors, insurers and financial institutions
  • Strengthening corporate reputation
  • Strategic positioning for sustainability
  • Appreciating market opportunities
  • Improving operational and management performance
  • Comparing performance against leading practice
  • Attracting and retaining the right people and engaging with employees
  • Improving stakeholder communication.

CSEM-BMP Management and leadership development can help with all of the above, and

  • Climate Change and Carbon Management review
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Operational Risk systems improvement
  • Improvement of auditing and integration
  • Corporate Social Responsibility review and integration
  • Sustainability Reporting and accreditation
  • Globalization review and repositioning
  • Due diligence auditing
  • Global Business systems review and restructuring
  • Sustainability Cascade training
  • Corporate Governance review and improvement

Independence: CSEM-BMP has the advantage of being an institutionally-approved, academically-verified, post-experience university-level management programme. Clients and participants can expect independence, impartiality across the whole field.

Why select CSEM-BMP? BMP had some 17,000 participants between 1970 until 2000. Starting in 1990, we developed the first programme of sustainability-based management development education in Europe. We have since had some 1500 participants in this area from several hundred household-name organizations. Our 50+ Associate Course Directors and contributors are drawn from those rated within the field as some of the best speakers and communicators.

Proven track record: CSEM-BMP has provided sustainability management development for major multinationals as well as government.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.


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